Swing an art form of American Dance originated from  
     Swing Jazz, the one true American music


Movement-in-Dance, in addition to dance moves

Swing is a feeling as if you are part of the music...another instrument in the's dancing in the music

Bill Goschen brings his 30+ years of dance experience to the Western and Eastern shores. Bill started dancing Hustle and then he transitioned to Swing and Jazz. Today, Bill teaches 8 Count Lindy Swing, West Coast Swing,  6 Count Swing, Charleston, Shag, Balboa, American Cha-Cha, and Hustle.

As a professionally trained dancer (see Bill's bio), Bill (aka the SwingMaster) offers a variety of classes in American dances.  He specializes in teaching the Lindy, (originally created from a combination of Charleston and African dance) along with many other American dances that originated in this Country throughout the 1920's up until the Disco days of the 1970's.  When Bill discovered Swing, he went directly to the top and studied under Frankie Manning and his successors.  Frankie was the last living survivor of the original Swing dancers.  In addition, Bill studied under and modeled his West Coast Swing style after Craig Hutchinson.  Both Frankie and Craig were inducted into the World Swing Dance Council Hall of Fame.

 Bill, a retired Industrial Construction/Commercial Diver, Coast Guard Licensed Master Ocean Operator, and business owner, now teaches for the joy of passing on the heritage of American dances and offers group and private lessons for all levels of dancers. 

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Disco Workshop
July 2013

Bill's teaching schedule:

Monday:  Studio - Arbutus, MD

Tuesday:  Studio - Arbutus, MD -  Only 1 opening available at 8pm

Wednesday:  Ocean City, MD

Thursday:  Studio - Lewes, DE

 Available for bookings on weekends - dance instruction and demos



Bill's contact info: or 
call 410-948-1139

BGDance Crew
Halloween 2013

A Brief and informative history of American Swing Dance

On 16 May 2009, Bill danced the Hustle with Bernadette DiPino. Winner of Dancing with Delmarva Stars 2009. Click here to read her Blog spot.

Bill as Jesus Christ Superstar
Ascension Church, 1971

Dancing with DELMARVA's Stars 2010: Click here for a recap of Bill and Nancy's routine.

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It don't mean a thing.....if you ain't got that SWING.....Duke Ellington (1943)

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